Digital Literacy – how do you get it?

Digital Literacy Library

Here is a useful starting point – the Digital Literacy Library – where you can find a selection of useful links and resources in five categories.

What to do next?

  1. Discuss your e-learning needs and plans with your e-champion or e-mentor and begin documenting your plans collaboratively using such tools as: Dropbox, Googledocs and Googledrive.
  2. Create an e-learning action plan for yourself or your team that will identify your milestones and timelines; team tasks; exploration required; professional development requirements; business outcomes and implementation stages.
  3. Participate in Hume group online meetings:
    11.30 am to 12.30 pm on September 17th at:
    12 noon to 1 pm on October 26th at:
    12 noon to 1 pm on December 11th at:
  4. Participate in an E-learning Inspiration workshop from 10 am to 4 pm on Thursday, 29th November at: The Centre, Wangaratta
  5. Network with the wider groups in the Learn Local E-learning Network
  6. Register and attend the ConVerg12 conference at Bell City, Preston 22nd to 23rd November

During October/November/December plan to keep in touch with your e-champion or e-mentor as you fine tune your action plans and begin the task of implementing some e-learning into your organisations. The ACFE e-mentor program is aiming to ‘make a difference’ for your e-learners in 2012 in a small implementation project and to build that into a larger implementation project in 2013.

For example you may be planning to:

  • design and build content and communication strategies for a course in Moodle; or
  • explore the use of virtual classrooms for your blended delivery; or
  • add e-learning interactive resources to a range of courses already being delivered; or
  • explore the use of social media for promoting and networking with your e-learners; or
  • use a range of free web 2.0 tools to re-invigorate the learning experiences; or
  • build in the use of mobile devices for existing courses.

Whatever you are planning to do – keep it simple; keep it achievable and keep it relevant to your e-learners.

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